One Day At A Time

If you are one of those who constantly groans about the lack of time, this book might just hold the answer. "One Day At A Time" aims at helping people change their Time Management habits and accomplish more with their time.

"One Day At A Time" provides a wealth of tips-to improve your Self Management and Time Management skills. The author, Venga, having studied the concepts and techniques of Time Management for the past 40 years offers tips that each individual can apply in their life in order to achieve a Better Quality of Life.

"One Day At A Time" offers daily quotes and inspirations that will help reflect on the way you are currently managing your time and your life. It provides small actions, tips and exercises that will compel you to take the right step forward toward improving the way you spend your time and approach your day.

Pick up "One Day At A Time" and be smarter when spending your time today-because the only way we can add hours to our time, is work smarter not harder.