Dynamic People Manager Program

(4 days seminar)


As your organization is undergoing big changes and is transforming to become highly effective, progressive & productive, your People Managers now have to 'step up to the plate' and take on a more engaging leadership role - one that motivates, inspires and drives their people. They need to ensure that changes are made as smoothly and as anxiety free as is possible.

They need to display good leadership skills to help your company progress to the next level by eliminating what is pulling the people back and helping people become more positive characters that bring in more results for the organization.

This program is designed to help your People Managers enhance their productivity at work through understanding & really knowing their role; evaluating & assessing their skills to self manage and people manage; learning essential & practical tips and formulas on how to become a more inspiring leader via effective communication & decision making; preparing themselves to motivate and drive their people to the highest level of customer centricity.