Effective Negotiation Techniques

(2 days seminar)


This programme will help participants appreciate the need for negotiation in various aspects their working and personal lives and how to develop the confidence through mastering techniques which can steadily be honed to an art.

It will emphasize the important steps in the art of negotiation, understanding verbal and subtle behavioral characteristics of individuals so that one can use appropriate channels of communicating in the process of negotiation.

To help participants define their own rules and belief about negotiation and how they either support or get in the way of success. From there we look at each person's individual negotiation style and develop people's negotiation skills in being able to see better what's going on for other people and handling tricky meetings.


  • Understand the concept of 'win/win' negotiation.
  • Plan and prepare your negotiation.
  • Use a range of negotiating skills to close deals effectively and avoid deadlock.
  • Develop your negotiating skills to work with tradeable and conditions.