Excel Through Effective Presentation Skills

(2 days seminar)


We want the participants to be able to plan, prepare and deliver their business presentation to any type of audience they deal with. The emphasis of this program is to help participants to have control over their presentation, have confidence delivering their presentation and able to convince the audience through their communication as a presenter.

We want to educate the participants on effective techniques to be used to sell their ideas through informal conversations, team meetings & briefings or formal presentations.


  • Learn the steps in planning and preparing his/her presentation.
  • Be able to structure his/her ideas more effectively.
  • Deliver his/her 'Sales Presentation' confidently and convincingly.
  • Able to use his/her body language (e.g. eye contact, voice projection, hand gestures, etc.) to deliver his/her ideas effectively.
  • Be able to adapt his/her presentation style to suit different audience and scenarios.
  • Have excellent level of confidence and control over themselves and the environment that they are presenting.