Mahen Venga

Possessing a unique blend of hands-on and field experience in various aspects of developing and managing the Time Management business in Malaysia, Mahen proves to be an asset in sharing his varied experiences to people from all walks of life. Currently the Managing Director of Ventrax Management Sdn. Bhd. Mahen acquired the skill of managing time at the age of 20. Due to his interest in sharing his knowledge with people, he entered into the Time Management business upon completion of his Business Degree in Marketing from Washington State University, U.S.A.

In the past 20 years, Mahen trained more than 15,000 managers and executives in the area of Time Management. His ability to relate the concept of time and life management to practically any person's daily works, has contributed to his success and popularity in this business. Apart from this, he is also an experienced trainer in the area of Self-Development, where he possesses an astonishing ability to communicate with different types of people of different intellect and from all walks of life.

Mahen's passion and dedication towards his work and consistency in his business practices has earned him a network of contacts not only in Malaysia but also in Singapore and Thailand. "To practice what you preach" - the philosophy that Mahen follows and strongly believes in, is clearly seen as he shares his experiences of his life with others. "Everyone can and needs to be develop," - he stresses. "The key is for the individual to be able to look at your inner self for improvement. With a little bit of guidance and if one is able to focus on what you want, you will eventually get it. For no matter what situation you are in, if you believe you can, you will!"

To date, Mahen is very much in demand as a Trainer, amongst the young and the seasoned leaders of the Malaysian business industries who continually strive towards excellence in managing their life by managing their time.