Personal Coaching Program

(ongoing seminar)


  • To remove self-imposed barriers and limitations, empowering them to motivate themselves and others.
  • To develop a systematic and practical approach of altering their perceptions and behavior to achieve the specific training objective.
  • To integrate the organization's short, medium & long term objectives in terms of the training need into daily personal habits.
  • Reinforce effective mindset, actions, behavior, habits in a motivational & inspiring manner to achieve continuous improvement.
  • To develop winning strategies towards achieving organizational and personal goals.
  • To enhance their soft skills - e.g. communication, leadership, meeting management, people management, self management - via self realization and knowledge imparting.
  • Create a support group to facilitate the implementation of the self management principles through a structured 12 month modular coaching.


  • Increase our level of consciousness about the importance of the subject matter.
  • Learn the techniques of more effective implementation of the training subject.
  • Develop clarity of thoughts and improve our thinking process.
  • Be able to stay focused on the desired goals and priorities.
  • Be able to enjoy a better quality of life - home, health and work.
  • Be able to increase personal output and productivity.
  • More job satisfaction and finally success.