About Us

We have been specializing in the field of helping people and organizations to be more organized and to enhance their performance since 1986. Dr. Venga, who had an extremely successful career in the insurance industry in the 50's and then carved out an equally successful career in the Pharmaceutical industry, where he retired in 1985 as the Managing Director, founded the company.

Ventrax's core products in the early days revolved around time management solutions. Dr. Venga believed that the factor towards achieving success was to help the individual first recognize the limitation of time that they possess and that they must learn to focus on key activities that produce results.

Ventrax is today a leader in practical training and Business Management consulting. Our headquarters is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with a branch office in Singapore. We specialize in the area of providing quality-training programmes to help organizations improve performance as well as assisting local organizations in their daily management of their companies.

Our training programmes are being conducted for both the general public as well as in-house for certain organizations. Our clients cover a wide spectrum of organizations from private to governmental bodies in South East Asia.