Business Consultancy

It is our mission to deliver high quality management solutions which will enable your organization to improve its business-not just judged by today's bottom line, but in a way that ensures tomorrow's customer relationship, and longer term survival in a world of competition.Our methods and skills are specifically tailored to help public and private sector organizations manage the trade off between service quantity, efficiency and value for money. We bring with us an:

  • Experience of working with a range of service and manufacturing sectors as well as public sector organizations.
  • A desire to share our knowledge and contacts to help clients learn from our experience.
  • Practical methods for applying our knowledge of measurement techniques to business priorities, focusing on 'actions and results'.
  • A practical understanding of the pressure and priorities facing management.

Our scope of work will include providing professional consulting and management development services in the areas of executive leadership, strategic planning, team building and employees performance. We will provide comprehensive organizational and individual effectiveness programs to find out how we can assist in improving your organization's performance, especially in terms of profitability.

Stated below are some of the areas in which will be looked into:-

Organizational Visioning - clarifies an organization's future goals & practices including its organizational structure, markets, products, services, and working relationships.

Strategic Planning - defines the short-term and the long-term steps necessary to move the organization closer to its vision. The strategic plan usually consists of a mission, values, objectives and actions.

Organizational Design - aligns the functional responsibilities in an organization for maximum effectiveness and assesses the flexibility of the organizational structure, design-working relationships and identifies functional redundancies.

Organizational Assessment - evaluates behavioral effectiveness, leadership, teamwork, planning, communications, achievement and quality improvement, employing quantitative and qualitative measures.

Leadership Transition - identifies future generations of leaders using assessment centers, psychological profiles, interviews and other evaluation methods.

Continuous Quality Improvement - applies sophisticated measurement systems and organizes work teams to assist in implementing total quality management or process reengineering principles. We consider both human elements and quantitative requirements in effecting change.

Team Building - interventions focus on building relationships and connecting those relationships to vital business process.

Executive Peer Consultation - a forum for an impartial, confidential sounding board designed to explore new ideas, plans and strategies. This is a form of executive mentoring.

Assessment Centers - simulate actual job tasks through real-life situations. Observation of performance and decision made serve as indicators of probable job readiness.

Recommendations of Coaching/Effectiveness Training - assists individuals with special or one-on-one training needs. We work with employees at any level in structuring action plans or enhance on-the-job effectiveness.

Rehabilitation of Non-performers - focuses on the action plans to be implemented for those who are not performing up to par.

Mediation and Conflict Resolution - goals are to turn conflicts into opportunity for healthy discovery and discussion leading to action plan and long term improvement.