Dr Venga

A Director and Consultant to several companies. He is the sole-founder and owner of Ventrax Management Sdn Bhd. As a major shareholder of a Thailand-based company, Malapast, Dr Venga is concurrently serving as a Director of this multi-billion dollar plastic company operating in Thailand.

Dr Venga, a well-respected and acknowledge figure in the Malaysian Business Circle became aware of the importance and need for time management very early in life. It is this awareness that drives him to tirelessly motivate people, helping them improve their time management skills.

He started his career selling insurance and then moved on to the pharmaceutical industry. He became the Managing Director of Astra Pharmaceutical, a post he held for 24 years. Upon his retirement, he conducted more than 15,000 seminars nationwide and has helped more than 30,000 business executives to become very highly productive and better managers.

He has been able to transform the knowledge of Self and Time Management into his simplest form where individuals are able to apply it in his/her day to day working environment.

The core of his tireless pursuit in teaching people for over 40 years is based on his philosophy "Write, Goal, Review". It was duly recognized and accredited by the Honolulu University (Hawaii). This philosophy in life has earned him a Ph.D, - a Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration.