Magic Glide

Active Document Management System Save Up to 30% of space

MagicGlide is a system where documents are hung onto a high grade steel rail which is fitted in replacing the shelves previously found in the cabinets or mobile compactors. Features include superior indexing, color-coding options and are made to last. Enjoy the time saved by finding and retrieving your documents faster without having to replace worn or damaged files in the process.



With the documents now stored in a unique and specially designed collective folder equipped with a special clip that latches onto the metal rails, the colorful and clear indexing included will enable one to search for a particular document faster and has been proven to save up to 40% of the time taken to retrieve a document previously as tested.

  • Provides you with more workspace, less archive space.
  • Lateral Filing gives you more storage for more files.
  • Saves filing area of up to 30%.
  • No more missing files or documents.
  • Up to 8 years of warranty on hooks/rails/brackets.
  • Specific compartment provides better preservation of documents.

 The MagicGLIDE system is currently used and preferred by most government departments, banks, private and public companies in Malaysia. Our consultants are always available to assist clients with any query or problem regarding document storage, and are well experienced in planning & designing specific solutions for any organisation without obligations.

MagicGLIDE system offers the user easy access to documents with the benefit of visibility of the cabinet contents at a glance. MagicGLIDE system offers economical solutions for storing:

  • Service Book.
  • Personal File.
  • Vouchers & Pocket Envelope.
  • Green File & White File.
  • Confidential File.
  • Documents.
  • Policies.
  • Project Folders.
  • Medical Records.
  • Negatives & X-Ray Films.
  • Architectural Drawings.
  • Silk Screen Positives.
  • CD & Diskettes.
  • Textile & Carpet Samples.
  • Retrofit In Mobile Compactors.
  • Retrofit In Existing Cabinets.
  • ..And Many Other Applications Possible.