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Ventrax was conceived to provide individuals like you with the necessary information, tools, and support to discover themselves and develop their true potential. Your outer reality is simply a projection of your inner reality and therefore any change, whether to your finances or life, will happen from within. We’re here to help.

Who is Dr. Venga?

Dr. Venga

Meet the man who designed his success.

Dr. Venga is a self-management extraordinaire who has dedicated much of his life towards developing individual potentials. In fact, that’s what makes him tick - to be able to wake up everyday and help people become better versions of themselves.

Dr. Venga understands what it's like to have the odds stacked against you. His mother died when he was born. He was separated from his paternal father at the age of 3 during the Japanese invasion of Singapore. He was raised in poverty with no opportunity for education. He couldn’t read or write until he was 13.

Against these odds, Dr. Venga learned to read and write. His self-determination and discipline drove him to succeed in extraordinary ways. By 25, he was the managing director of a multinational pharmaceutical company in Malaysia. He was a legend in the pharmaceutical industry known for his innovative sales and productivity techniques.

He retired at 45 and founded multiple successful companies including Ventrax, which has been a project closest to his heart. Ventrax has been his platform to help people discover themselves for more than 35 years.
Dr. Venga
How Ventrax Began

How Ventrax Began

How Ventrax Began

Developing People One Day at a Time

Dr. Venga left his cushy job in 1985 to touch more people with his self-development tools and strategies. Using 3 simple principles - write, goal, review, he embarked on a journey to help individuals like you discover their true potential.

This is the driving philosophy behind Ventrax. The company was founded that same year.

Dr. Venga started seminars to showcase the V-Planner, a self-organisation tool he developed that is unusually spectacular in helping individuals organise themselves, gain clarity in their lives, and achieve a level of productivity they would never have thought possible.

Within 2 years of starting up, Dr. Venga sold 10,000 V-Planners, establishing Ventrax as a serious player in the self-organisation and time-management industry.

Our mission, vision and core values


To continuously develop the talents, knowledge and skills of our employees to help customers to be more organised and to enhance their performance.


Ventrax is just a name. It's strength or weakness lies in the people who are in it. It's success or failure depends on the degree of their determination. The quality of performance is equated with knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and motivation. Higher goals can only be achieved with the support and confidence of its employees.

Core Values

Practice what you preach

We believe that to be a successful training and business management company it is not only important to give the right type of advice but more importantly is for us to be able to practice it ourselves, for talk alone is unproductive. We use various proven tested techniques to show our customer the practical way to implement the method or process that we are prescribing.

Win-Win Proposition

We believe that all our services and products must provide a practical solution and it must help address the needs of individuals and organizations. All our services and products must be tailor-suited so that the specific needs of our clients are not only met but exceeded. Through this process, the company will have satisfied clients which will translate to better profits and thus better benefits for our employees.

Developing Oneself

We believe that we must assist not only our customers to improve their knowledge but to also act as a catalyst for ourselves. We will continue to create an environment of self-awareness within and outside of the organization. We believe this method will help create a learning organization. It is only through this process that the organization can continuously grow and meet the needs of our customers.
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