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V Planner

Do you feel you can’t get anything done because you’re overwhelmed? Using our V Planner, you can finally keep up with today’s fast-paced world.
Let us help you get up to speed to accomplish your goals and improve your quality of life more quickly. If you want to get organised and get more done in less time, start to invest in our time management tool and take advantage of the free training we offer.


V Planner Executive

What you’ll get inside V Planner Executive:

  • Zipper Ring Binder: Effective Self-Management Planner.
  • Planner Inserts: Dated daily, monthly and yearly forms for detailed activity planning and time scheduling
  • “One day at a time” Book: Get your copy of a wealth of tips to improve your time management skills

Plus, you will also get 12 months of free time management workshop conducted personally by Dr Venga

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