Meaningful videos and podcasts that will help you grow and develop the ability to manage your own self effectively.

Our free content on self discovery covers topics from happiness to productivity in a simplistic style that is unique to Dr. Venga.

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Welcome to Ventrax’s Self-Discovery Podcasts and Videos

In these videos and podcasts, you’ll discover simple but powerful strategies and insights to becoming a better person.

Dr. Venga’s early life was marked by what some may call tragedies but to him have been blessings. His mother died while he was still an infant. He was separated from his father at three. He grew up in poverty with no formal education.

By sheer determination to discover himself, and a willingness to take action, Dr. Venga developed his own unique system that propelled him from “poor orphaned boy” to the CEO of a multinational pharmaceutical company and owner of successful businesses.

What he shares in these podcasts and videos are personal experiences, not academic theory. Which makes them very powerful messages for the individual who wants to grow and develop.

The videos are part of the Personal Development for Entrepreneurs series, currently in its 3rd year of production. They’re updated on the first Wednesday of every month.

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